6 thoughts on “360 Degree Video is changing Presentations for Real Estate and Matterport.

  1. Have you checked out the kodak?
    I was watching your video here and only because I am looking for a new camera to buy I recently found almost exactly what you were describing on your wishlist of removing a slice of the action.. well, it might be a larger slice than you described however the Kodak Pixpro camera offers exactly that, although, like all 360 cameras there are two camera lenses, front and back, the kodak lenses are not equal. It's unique in the market place in that it is actually giving the user 3 different multi-view angles. With the kodak You of course have the 360' spherical VR mode, then a 197' 4k ultra wide mode, and lastly the front camera is shooting in a 235 degree dome mode using a highly detailed 20 megapixel cmos sensor …
    Instead of 2 180 lenses
    the kodaks front camera shoots a wide 235 degrees. So, there you go.. take a slice out of the action on your next virtual video tour..

  2. Hello. Great video! Do you have any recommendations for a handheld smartphone gimbal. I really liked what I saw Steve using in the Times Square picture of this video . Thanks! I really enjoy all of your tech tips. I live in Germany where they are about 10 years behind us in anything related to digital technology. I'm learning everything about 360 video from scratch by watching your videos. This is a virgin market so you can imagine the opportunities in a place that is 10 years behind the United States. For example, when I used Google Pay with my Wear OS smartwatch in Burger King yesterday, the Burger King staff and customers thought I used some kind of magic! Really…They couldn't believe it. They did not know that their card reader was Apple Pay/Google Pay NFC capable. I had the same experience while paying a repair bill for my car. Every time I get the same response…."What is that"? "Did you just pay with your watch"? Credit card readers have only been used here in Germany in the last 3-5 years or so and they are still the exception and not universal throughout the country. As a matter of fact, I have never seen anyone here use Apple pay or Google pay in any situation at all. NEVER! I'm not a Realtor. I'm an online English tutor and my interest is in Education technology. I see great potential in 360 video for educational purposes in relation to Virtual Educational tours of Berlin, Germany. I'm very familiar and comfortable with Adobe Premiere Pro, so I know the skill level one must have and work you have to do in order to produce creative video content. Thanks again for the tips.

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