24 thoughts on “ARMA 3 – Dedicated Server Setup Tutorial

  1. my mission is .sqm and i don't know how to make it to PBO…whern i search for it with the PBO open file icon it won't show and when i want to extract/pack it with PBO i can't since i don't see that option when i right click it…what should i do?

  2. I got this problem of everytime I boot the server it gets halted by steam now and forces me to log in, this used to not be a problem, i dunno whats wrong with it, everytime asking me this script which is the boot script of the server is requesting permission to run and when i hit ok it just closes and boots the arma 3 client and not the server host

  3. thanks for the tutorial, I did everything but when I connect it is stuck in the loading screen, and I can never join. My ports are correct and everything should be working fine, but it isn't.

  4. Hi Bryson, thanks for the tutorial.

    I followed all the instructions but when I connect I have an error message: "You have been ejected from the Steam party authentication failed "

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