arma 3 dedicated server with mods setup guide!

arma 3 dedicated server with mods setup guide!

Hey guys welcome back to another video! this is just how to create a basic arma 3 server with mods i hope you guys enjoy if you have any questions put them in the description below.

Arma 3 Wiki:

-Pc Specs-
CPU: Intel 6700 @3.8ghz
GPU: Evga GTX1080 FTW Edition
RAM: 16gb Crucial 1866MHZ DDR3L
STORAGE DRIVES : 2x Wester Digital Caviar Blue 7200RPM 1TB 1x Crucial 525GB SSD MX800
PSU: Cooler Master G650M
Case: Cooler Master Master Case pro 5
Monitors: (Main) LG Flatron E2411 (secondary) a Soniq tv
Mouse Pad: Razor Goliathus Control Edition
Mouse: Logitech G502
Headset: Hyper X Cloud 2

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50 thoughts on “arma 3 dedicated server with mods setup guide!

  1. Hello everybody, I have spent countless hours adjusting, updating my server and want to get some things straight. Inside the command line make sure you spell mods like ( -mod="@ace;@RHSGREF;" If it isn't in that format you'll be wracking your brain, he spells it like -mods=. Also the quotation marks are super important.

  2. Whenever I launch the server i get this error:
    Problem occurred when saving Profile data. The File may be set to read-only or can be blocked by another instance of the game (e.g. dedicated Server)
    Pls help

  3. Btw he didn't mention it in the video, if you are having troubles finding the !workshop folder follow these steps

    Folder > View > check hidden items

    should pop up, if not verify your game files 🙂

  4. Great video! I had trouble running Overthrow but fixed it by copying and pasting the files in addons folder from the mod to the server addons folder in case anyone else has the same problem

  5. so after a full probably 4 days now, i can get the server running, modded to all hell, producing logs, and got the profiles to map. BUT UPNP isnt doing its thing, AND port forwarding isnt doing a thing, AAAAAND the server config seems to not want to load at all. server sits at a base 64 slots with my username as server name and the password wont change either (if it would even let me use the one i put inside the config files). Now with this all being said, i can publicly host a server just damn well fine through the host server option on the launcher, modded, people joining and what not. I want to do dedicated for the sake of persistence. I've tried several different iterations of the config name, different spacings for upnp, re copied and pasted from the damn website. quadruple checked every damn time. tried saying to sell with that .BAT and just editing the target path and comments on the server as a shortcut. but whatever i do, i cant get this damn thing online publicly. ive managed to push my way through every other issue ive seen in the comments all by myself but this one damn thing, this dumbass config file, has beaten me.

  6. hi ! thank you very much for the very easy guided tutorial! my question is if i got this all working. can my friends join me? how do they join me? i am asking because i find it in LAN and not internet. i want random people to join to. how do i put my server in puplic ?

  7. If it says you are missing .dll files whenever you try and start the server up, go to the .dll file website and searchup the files you are missing, download them, and drag them to the arma 3 server file. Happy Hosting :")

  8. Well done my friend, Finally someone who can make a proper video that actually works, And you're right, The other guys don't explain about downloading the server from Steam, I followed your video and everything worked a treat first time, thanx m8, P.S. you should do some more tutorials for Arma, it has so many mods and not everyone understands how it works but you make it understandable and simple.

  9. May I ask a newbie question here?
    I basically followed your steps for everything. I set up the UPnP on my router, and the log said that "UPNP Failed".
    May I know what is the problem here?

  10. Hey, I followed this guide, but am running into a bit of a problem. After setting everything up, my friend can't find the server on the list in game. I can see it on LAN perfectly fine, password and all. Is there something I did wrong?

  11. I got another question/problem… I've read through the comments here and saw something similar but the fix for that doesn't work for my problem. When setting up the server I get a Steam_Appid.txt error saying "Warning: Current Steam Appid: 107410, doesn't match expected value: 107410" doesn't seem to matter if I change the value back to the original value and change it back. Examples: " ", " ". Also as this is not working I cannot see the server in the server browser, would this also mean that my friends cannot connect to the server as it is only appearing on Local?

  12. I've watched this video over 2-3 times now. Yet I got my first problem. I don't have a "Users" folder under the "Arma 3 Server" folder. Anything I can do to generate that. Or is it as simple as just making another folder for Users?

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