Pokemon Sword & Shield - How to Get a Shiny 6IV Ditto Manually (Leanny's Seed Searcher Guide)

Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to Get a Shiny 6IV Ditto Manually (Leanny's Seed Searcher Guide)

Today I’m going to teach you how to get your own Shiny 6IV Ditto by yourself without using any bots!

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0:00 – Introduction (How a Ditto den works)
1:09 – How to find Nest in Seed Searcher
3:13 – Where to find Ditto den
3:44 – Getting the first 4th day 3IV Ditto
6:22 – No follow up possible, move forward a day and start over
7:27 – Using y-comm glitch to skip to 4th day
8:38 – 4th is not a usable pokemon, skip to 5th day, and to 6th day
11:23 – Explaining what is 4/6, 5/6 and 6/6
12:37 – Finding a 2nd pokemon on the 6th day
16:15 – Explaining what the 3rd and 4th pokemon in the program does
17:00 – Catching the 1st day pokemon
18:18 – 2nd day is not a usable pokemon, skip and catch the 3rd day pokemon
20:45 – Searching seed and how to use the result window to find 6IV Ditto
23:08 – Using Arduino Auto Dayskipper to skip days
26:46 – Arrived 3 days before 6IV, repeat skipping 3 days until 5* Ditto

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27 thoughts on “Pokemon Sword & Shield – How to Get a Shiny 6IV Ditto Manually (Leanny's Seed Searcher Guide)

  1. So finally fully figured your method out and i came to the 917th day and skip of 3 extra days of my own. Now mine came up 4IV not 5 IV with the skill correct but the nature wasn't right. So would I reroll it until it rolls the nature for 6 IV or was it most likely I messed up my dates?

  2. need help, so ive done the whole catching ditto phase and now on to the search for seed it pops up ''no seed found, calculate range and run the tool again'' do i just keep extending the range untill a seed is found? im currently on 100 and going up??

  3. Hey! So, after doing the whole catching 4 pokemon process, I clicked on search (got 4/6) and i got the error for [CUDAError] CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_FAILED
    Id like to know if it makes much of a difference or if I can continue normally. Also, how do I try to get a 5/6 or 6/6 on the second pokemon? Do I have to throw in another wishing piece or just catch another pokemon on the 1-10 Day Range?

  4. Tried multiple times today. It just can't find the seed. It keeps coming with the pop-up: "No Seed found. increase Calculation Range en run the tool again." but im up to 100 already. have no idea what i'm doing wrong

  5. At the section from 12:37, are you catching a second pokemon on the same frame as the initial pokemon you caught? (so if you caught the pokemon on the 5th frame, then catch a second on the 5th frame). Also does this program work for event dens?

  6. I know these are considered legit ,but how do I know if the host seeded for the shiny 6iv or hacked the max raid? I found two consecutive shiny 6iv ditto from two different host. Definetely hacked right?

  7. Loved the video, nothing to do with it, but, can you share a link or something about the latest version of the MMBN StarForce patch? Me and my brother really want to play it….

  8. Wow thanks for the guide. I've been using this instead of Sw which I could never get to work and had no idea about the flexible day feature. I only wish it iv calc would default to 100 and input 31 iv stats like Sw. Also tip for ppl, if your first 4 day mon isn't 3iv you can still catch 4 iv and write down the info so you don't have to do it again when u find 3iv.

  9. I've had one since SM
    Not once have I gotten a shiny egg from breeding mons with it

    The one shiny egg I got in my entire life so far wasn't even through the masuda method, either (as it was different game from the one I got the egg in)

  10. I didn't know 6 IV ditto is this rare. I thought it will be 0,82% (9,1% x 9,1%) for 5 star den, so 0,276% total – 362 skips in average or 120 5 star catches. Thanks for giving solution to calculate it on your own

  11. hi @brianuuuSonic Reborn. 1 question on your code. how do you come up with the delay for each input. i tried doing the autofossil code update for french version(it has different set), but i keep messing up the wait times…

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