Shared Hosting tips in Latvia

Shared Hosting tips in Latvia

Deniss Mazers, CMO and Filip Borcov, CEO discussing about Shared Hosting tips in Latvia.
00:02—Latvian market leader
00:08 Latvian population ~1.5-2M and not growing
01:00 data: ~15K .lv domains
01:20 Average website owner has 3-5 domains
01:50 Big brands do not target Latvia directly
02:20 Latvians choose locals because of good support
03:29 You should support in customer language (Russian and Latvian)
04:00 Credit cards, Paypal, Internet bank
05:16 P.S. Real transaction cost for bank is ~3ct. But banks charge users much-much more
05:47 Global website builders advertise here, but they are still complicated
06:32 People love simplicity and .lv
07:33 Thanks to big brands for educating market 🙂
08:05 Big brands buy users for $300
08:52 Do you see any logic buying customers for such price (please answer in comments)
09:16 1st Fusion servers in Europe
09:35 HDD, then SSD, then Fusion
10:15 Baltic states require top service
10:37 Fusion xN times faster than SSD
10:55 Fusion—fastest and most expensive
12:25 Latvia and Europe have no server location restrictions
13:30 We 1st switched from HDD to SSD in Europe
14:11 New modern equipment generates good leads
15:00 Still many catalogs are not hiding emails
15:45 Crawled emails allow targeting different online marketing campaigns
16:25 Put your ads during TV show breaks
17:25 New laws are appearing slowly, use this potential for marketing
18:47 Try 10K mixes of marketing ideas and features
19:45 New equipment can break limits
20:35 .lv is absolute leader and the standard

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  1. This part was difficult to understand. "08:05 Big brands buy users for $300" – Can you maybe try to make another video that goes into detail, not as fast and easier to understand? It was pretty hard to understand language and speed of the topic.

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