Top Podcast Hosting Sites 2020 (Top 5 Best Podcast Hosts)

Top Podcast Hosting Sites 2020 (Top 5 Best Podcast Hosts)

Looking for the top podcast hosting sites? In this video I outline my top 5 best podcast hosting sites in 2020. All of these options make hosting a podcast super. There is a mix of paid and free podcast hosting options to give you a bunch of options. I am a huge fan of all of these podcast hosts, and I really think you can’t go wrong regardless of what you decide to go with! Links to all of them can be found below!





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45 thoughts on “Top Podcast Hosting Sites 2020 (Top 5 Best Podcast Hosts)

  1. Hi Ben, I am totally new to PODCASTING but was a radio DJ here in New Zealand a few years ago, but this technology is new,. to day I am a counsellor working in the field of drug and alcohol and mental health, families and relationships, and this is my chosen subject, I am hoping there is not to many doing it. I have the equipment I need, With Bean-Sprout can I do say 5 sessions using modulation then go video record from that? Regards John from NZ

  2. Hey, I was wondering what is your opinion about Spreaker as a host, there is not much information about them on the web but they have a great monetization toll for my country. Also, I am a little concerned about the ownership of the show. Any advice is appreciated, and your videos have been really helpful! Thank you!

  3. Hey Ben

    Thank you for very informative video. I am confused to choose between Podbean and Buzzsprout.
    So thinking from organization perspective I can see Podbean offers special plans for enterprises and some cool features but its not user friendly as compared to Buzzsprout. So what do you suggest ?

  4. Cool. Thanx. I do a music video podcast. Into the mind of music. On YouTube. Thinking about stepping it up a bit I'll be checking out all that you mentioned. Video podcasting is only 1/4 of what I do. Peace love and music for all

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